Introduction to our play mode-Basic sub builds info.

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Introduction to our play mode-Basic sub builds info.

Mensaje por GM-Rize el Dom Sep 25, 2016 9:55 pm

Hello there,

Base+3 Subs is a traditional game style from Argentinian servers, this game mode has been going for around 12+ years and is most likely the only mode Argentinian people plays, while it is not very known outside, here it has a solid base of players who highly prefer this mode over other traditional servers, and there are many many servers like this currently.

Stats work like this: Your final statuses will be affected by your previous classes, the previous subs will build your stats, passive effects will be visible in your stats, and every skill or passive will be working on your character, only the skills, not the basic statuses, if you have a wizard class in-between subs, and you choose a warrior class to your final one, you will only have that warrior class basic statuses such as Dex etc.., you will not have more WIT or something like that just because you were mage once, the only visible stat modif. will be seen and affected by your passives and/or skills gathered by making subs.

So in case you are not familiar with this kind of subs, i will shortly explain how a character should be made and why, so you most likely succeed and do not waste time testing and failing subs.

Mainly, mob x mob leveling is not as fast as using a mober char, mober characters are the best way to make your alts and farm adena or make raidbosses, they can be used for PvP and Olympiad purposes aswell, here i will explain the basic warrior subs, for farming and for fighting.

Basic mobers:
-Core: this is what makes your char be able to farm multiple mobs, core classes are Warlord and Destroyer
Another core feature is being Tyrant whis is essential
-Optionals: Tank, rogue classes such as Archers or Daggers, And Summoner-Overlord-Warcryer classes.

-Destroyer provides Polearm mastery, which makes a huge difference, then Frenzy, Guts. Rage. Lionheart for places where mobs stun too much, and Battle roar skills are very useful for multiple mob farming.Frenzy works with all weapons including Bows.
Warlord is almost for the same purpose, just that instead of Frenzy, you should use WarCry and some Totem for mobbing.

-Tyrant: Mobers most likely make huge trains, so you need Rabbit totem to make it alive to your farming place, plus it makes you evade some hits, using Ogre+Rabbit will heal a certain amount of HP, so you survive the train.
Another important Tyrant feature is Fist Fury toggle, which helps making your physical skills cooldowns be faster and a boost of attack speed. Then other skills like Cripple are very useful when fighting non-ranged farmers or any character in general.

After making your base Destroyer-Tyrant or Warlord-Tyrant, you will have more choices according to your tastes, for example you can include a Summoner class or a Mystic orc class such as Overlord and Warcryer, why?

-Summoner: Weapon mastery passive will give a very notorial P-atk boost to a warrior, then we have Transfer Pain, which is almost essential when PvPing, along with cubics and Servitor UD, which will make you have a little bit extra of summon transfer time until your servitor gets killed, this will give a M.def passive aswell.

-Mystic orc classes:
Warcryer: will give you buffs which are useful to Olympiads and outside too, Weapon Mastery and P.atk toggle, this toggle makes warriors with this subs hit a bit harder than Summoner built ones, plus more M.def by passive

Overlord:Overlord provides some buffs, you can cp yourself in a non-pvp situation, Weapon mastery and Soul guard toggle, which will give you a very high Defense, if combined with a Tank it will be a very hard to kill farmer.

This options are good mostly for farming and fighting certain warriors, as you lack  Transfer Pain, Wizards will hit you harder than expected.

-Tank and Rogue classes:
Its a thing of prefferences, while some like Ranged attacking, others rather give up their range with bow to make other combinations, Ultimate evasion will be useful against other warriors or on an emergency while farming or tanking a Raidboss
Some use Tanks for Ultimate defense, which is useful against both warriors and wizards, deflect arrow makes a significant difference in damage received, plus some tanks have Defense toggles like Soul Guard, which are ver, very useful.
Archer classes are used for lowering you HP too, so you can frenzy before a fight or a Raid.
Paladin is used for this same reason aswell, if you choose another tank and wish to have an HP lowering skill, then you must do an Archer class or a Paladin, if you don't, then you will probably have a bit of trouble lowering your HP in a specific moment, or doing it with mobs, but you could drop if you die.

Pros for Tank: Ultimate defense works against any attack, Deflect arrows and Toggles are very useful, Majesty skill works just like toggles aswell.
Cons: Usually tank farmers have no range, which can be a huge disadvantage if you are not used to fight with low bow ranged combinations.

Pros for rogue: UE is useful but not against mages.The evasion boost will be more than notorial, they have higher critical, attack speed and speed due to their passive skills, this class have more range and hits a bit harder with bow compared to others (duh)
Cons: Weaker than tank, as lacking M.def and P.def passives, Deflect arrow and toggles, it might be a little bit easier to kill by a warrior, and against mages it could be a bit troubling when attacking directly, so its reccomended to hit from behind and not being too frontal with this kind of classes, since they are not high sustained.

So you are free to combine everything After making the Poler+Tyrant class, which is the core to any mober, could be only a warrior built character, or one which has a Weapon mastery class, note that making a Weapon Mastery class will make the farming very, very hard and you will need someone to Exp you to go trough this sub, you CANT end a mober wizard, as it will be a plain wizard, it will have a wizard constitution, it will be weak and wont have any warrior status showing, mostly useless for farming, RUINED.

You can use whatever combination you like, it is a must to have Tank and Transfer Pain because if you dont, you will die instantly on pvp.
Another feature you might want to get is Cancel and/or Elder class
Elders are used for their recharge and heals, you can't buy mana potions, only get them by medals with the medal event cat, which is permanent, that makes it a bit hard to get so many people fight with elder classes, useful for their heal and if in a Pvp you start lacking mana, you can recharge yourself and continue
Some classes don't have Elder, you need to have a good way to provide yourself potions, because this characters can't get mana from anywhere and they are mostly Overlords so this characters BURN mana

Any doubt, feel free to reply this thread with them and i will answer them.

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